Whole Pork* $4.00/lb
Sides* $4.00/lb
(100 lb avg, avg price $400)
Prime Cuts NEW!
Breakfast Sausage (Bulk) $6.99/lb
Sweet Italian Sausage (Bulk) $6.99/lb
Hot Italian Sausage $6.99/lb
Tenderloin $11.99/lb
Roast $6.99/lb
Spare Ribs $4.99/lb
Loin Chops $7.49/lb
Country Ribs $4.99/lb
Ground Pork $4.99/lb
Pork Fat $1.50/lb
* Figures are hanging weight values and include custom cutting and wrapping.
Pork Cuts and Prices
Pork cuts are now available individually! Try our delicious breakfast sausage or host a dinner party featuring our tasty pork roast! Prices are on the left.

Pork can be sold by the side or whole animal. Side prices are $4.00 and whole pork is $4.00 a hanging pound. Our average side is 100 pounds hanging weight and costs approximately $400.00.

Your whole pork will include: 1 tenderloin, 8-10 pkgs loin chops, 4-5 pkgs roasts, 25-35 lbs of bulk breakfast and sweet Italian sausage (1 lb pkgs), 8 - 10 pkgs country ribs, 2-3 pkgs spare ribs, and 2-3 pkgs of fat

Your side of pork will include: 1 tenderloin, 4-8 pkgs loin chops, 2-3 pkgs roasts, 15-25 lbs of bulk breakfast and sweet Italian sausage (1 lb pkgs), 4-6 pkgs country ribs, 1-2 pkgs spare ribs, and 1-2 pkgs of fat

* Please remember the number of each item are estimates only, as the weight of each animal is different.
* Offal upon request - Please ask for more details
* You can customize your order with a purchase of a whole pork ONLY.